03 March 2020


This month Simon Banks talks to Jenny Cooper, Director of Private Clients and Insurance Liaison at Insafe International. Insafe is the UK's leading and biggest independent safe company and also offer various security products from locks to access control.

For those who are not familiar with Insafe, can you outline what you do and the types of customers you have as part of your portfolio?

We are the UK’s leading and biggest independent safe company, offering supply and maintenance services, as well as being the sole UK distributor of Chubbsafes. We also offer the very best in robust access control and locking systems designed with banks, retailers and other heavy traffic use in mind. Insafe offers safes up to the prestigious Grade 6, which have a cash rating of £150,000 and a jewellery/valuable rating of up to £1,500,000. For those requiring more, we also provide vaults!

Our customers include a mix of High-Net-Worth Private Clients, Commercial and Trade businesses. The Insafe portfolio includes over 100 high street retailers, banks, leisure operators and financial institutions including the Post Office who have over 11,000 branches
across the UK.

Safes are an iconic part of the security industry, but today how important are newer technologies to the solutions on offer?

The advancement of technologies has enabled us to create more complete and proactive solutions and services for our customers. Our business has always focused on a combination of tried and tested safes, but now we are able to add extra user functionality and security via 4G connectivity. We have done this with our partnership with CSL, utilising their CSL Router to provide a secure connection to the internet via 4G. This connectivity provides us with a link into an NSI Gold ARC who manage the access to the safe.

Over the next 5 years we anticipate that smart safes will become the norm, with more and more customers looking for a secure and reliable way to access their goods, whilst also providing more accountability and efficiency. It will also enable our customers to provide a more holistic physical security solution to combine the smart safe with access control, CCTV and other applications that are increasingly being requested by end users. We also see technologies, such as 4G Connectivity, allowing us to upgrade older products to make the most of the newer connected benefits of IoT.

How important is the role of Insurers in the work you do?

Our business, as with much of our sector, is driven by insurance specification. We see it as a vital part of our work to keep up with the latest trends in theft and attack. In my role I work closely with our Insurance partners to ensure that the solutions we offer fit hand-inglove with the specifications they are demanding of installers and end users. It is important to us that our customers know that choosing an Insafe solution will fit all the relevant criteria. We would always encourage our partners and peers to engage with the insurance community – we have gained lots of valuable insight from their input! Today, insurers are encouraging clients to fit monitored locking systems to minimise the risk.


“We are loving the new [DualCom Pro] units here at Cook Fire & Security, 3 installed already, more to follow”

Adrian Y (Cook Fire & Security Limited) – LinkedIn Post – 12 December

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