03 June 2021


This month Simon Banks talks to Georgia Riley, Associate Director of Ambush Security Systems.

Established in 1998, Ambush is a leading provider of security solutions for both domestic and commercial customers in London and throughout the Home Counties.

How are Ambush approaching the UK’s All IP (Digital Voice) project?

We have been aware of the limited lifespan of PSTN for a number of years and we have already upgraded a lot of our systems to radio-only solutions, such as DigiAir Pro. Many of the remaining PSTN-connected systems in our portfolio are located in areas where mobile signal is limited and/or connecting to an aerial is a challenge along with historical panels that don’t have the facility for an IP connection. As the All IP project is now ramping up, we have made the decision to upgrade all remaining customers to an entirely new system, including a new panel and CSL Connected, radio-only.

What challenges are you facing from your customers as part of this?

Most of our customers have been with us for many years and they trust us. We aren’t a company that continually increases prices and have built a long-standing relationship with many of them. They know that if we insist on them investing more to upgrade their system, there is no other option. We are asking them to allow us to continue to provide them with great service, but at the same time give them some added benefits. Also, and most critically, it ensures we continue to protect their properties. Our focus is to make sure the system can continue to send its signals to the ARC and the Police. Some of the systems are over 30 years old, they’ve not done badly to survive the years!

Can you tell us more about the added benefits a new system can provide?

For me the ease of use for the new systems is a big selling point. If an alarm is triggered on a new panel, it will then tell you what area has been activated with even things like adding codes and reviewing logs being straight forward. Another huge advantage is the facility to have hybrid systems, and being able to add additional detection without the hassle of cables is a huge bonus. This combined with the accessibility and visibility provided via the end-user Apps makes upgrading a really intriguing prospect for a customer. Their security system becomes so much more than just a safekeeping measure. A client is able to check to see if the cleaner visited today or if the children are in from school. It helps to give them more control of their world, without compromising on the reliability they depend upon. The App users tend to be a mix of those who use them regularly and some that just want it for the push notifications.

How important is Police response?

This is something we insist all our monitored customers opt for, for us it is a no-brainer. As a company we have always experienced exceptional levels of response from the Police whenever we have any confirmed alarms. It is an unparalleled service. By upgrading the remainder of our PSTN systems to radio we are also able to upgrade their URNs, ensuring our customers are compliant with the most up to date regulations. For those customers on a single path PSTN solution, who want to continue to have their property monitored, we need to do the full upgrade. When faced with the loss of police response we’re asked to upgrade them as soon as possible!

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Llewys Saunders (Crimewatch Alarms) – LinkedIn – 26th Feb

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