03 June 2020


This month Simon Banks talks to Rashid Khan, CEO at Calipsa, providers of cloud-based false alarm reduction solutions.

What benefit does the addition of Calipsa bring to an existing monitored CCTV system?

It is widely reported that an ARC operator reviews 3 alarms every minute on average. However, around 95% of those alarms are false which creates “noise” for operators monitoring hundreds of alarms a day. New technology makes it possible to monitor cameras much more efficiently and intelligently. Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform uses deep learning to distinguish between true and false alarms. Our software filters out false alarms, which can be caused by lighting, the weather or animals, and only sends true alarms to operators, containing human or vehicle motion. This enables them to focus on reviewing genuine alerts and improving crime prevention. It acts as a preventative measure, reducing alarms by more than 90% and helping identify suspicious activity as it happens.

How important will visual confirmation be for future Intruder installations?

I think visual confirmation is already very important and, in the future, it will become even more so. Businesses are seeing the financial and security benefits of integrated technology and several countries are introducing laws requiring any security alarm to be accompanied by video verification. Calipsa is a cloud-based platform. Wherever you are, it is possible to integrate our software and monitor your cameras. This means it is ideally set up to allow installers to quickly and easily add a layer of visual verification technology. Plus, compared with physical hardware, it is a much more reliable solution that’s always backed up, and can’t be broken, stolen or tampered with. Despite this, we know technology isn’t foolproof. Our customers contend with high false alarm rates, so they rely on us to help them work more efficiently. If something ever did go wrong at our end, such as an outage, we take full liability.

What challenges have you faced in delivering this to the market and how has this been overcome?

One of our biggest challenges was trust. Security is a risk-averse industry and back in 2018, we were an unknown entity. Nobody wanted to speak to us about our product or test our system, which is tough when you’re just starting out! With the popularity of on-prem, it took time for people to trust a cloud-based system like Calipsa. However, the industry has developed immensely, and new technologies have helped changed perceptions; CSL Router is just one example of the shift towards remote access. The other big challenge was technical. We were all new to the security industry, so it took us nearly a year before our platform was robust enough for commercial deployment. It’s taken time and persistence, but we’re now at a point where we have a product that we’re proud of, a fantastic team and customers who believe in what we do.

What’s next for Calipsa?

Making our platform even better for our customers is an ongoing process. We regularly release updates to improve our user experience and accuracy. We’ve also integrated with platforms like Sentinel, webeyeCMS and Immix CS, to make it even easier for our customers to use our services. There’s a need for intelligent video analytics in the market, so at the moment we’re focusing on those businesses who are struggling with false alarms but didn’t know there was a solution out there. Our goal has always been to make the world a safer place with technology.


“Great product from a fantastic company, would highly recommend, first class back up from the
tech support team”

Warren Parkinson (Illumino Ignis Ltd) – LinkedIn Post – 20th February

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