06 January 2022


This month Simon Banks looks through the most memorable quotes from the Bottom Line interviews of the last 12 months.

“We have supported apprenticeships for many years, and I have seen first-hand the great opportunities they present to young people. I have also been passionate about embracing new technologies that can enhance what we offer to our customers.”

Richard Hewes, Founder & Chairman of Hewes Security

“We have a commitment to our customers that my team and I are determined to fulfil every single day. This keeps us focused on working hard but also working efficiently to maximise output and minimise errors.”

Vickie Davies, Operations Manager at CSL

“We support businesses that span the entire security industry, from small one-man bands through to SMEs and global household names. We aim to drive the industry forward, raise company profiles and support businesses to work to the highest professional standards.”

Tom Ford, Membership Development Manager at the BSIA

“Without doubt, our Apprentices have helped to sustain and directly grow our business. Not only have they enabled us to recruit further afield by showcasing our industry through careers events and talks, but they have also helped us with succession planning throughout our business.”

Jordan Duggan, Owner & Director of EFT Systems

“By upgrading the remainder of our PSTN systems to radio we are also able to upgrade their URNs, ensuring our customers are compliant with the most up to date regulations.”

Georgia Riley, Associate Director of Ambush Security Systems

“With more and more URNs being provided, it is important that police forces across the country utilise the latest technology to improve their response times. ECHO will mean police responses could be up to 3 times quicker.”

Ken Meanwell, Compliance Manager at PCPI

“Video is most valuable when installers combine it with other sensor data such as access control and alarm events. Installers should consider seizing the opportunity to offer video verified alarms given that both edge sensor and cloud technology are so easy to access, especially when underpinned by robust and cyber-secure communications technology.”

Pauline Norstrom, CEO of Anekanta Consulting

Across industries, people are finding more and more examples where IoT solutions can enhance existing systems. Whether this is to provide increased insight on the performance of a system or to provide the ability to remotely perform health checks or software upgrades.”

Hiran Ravat, Head of IoT Business Development & Partnerships at CSL

“The nationwide switch-off of PSTN as part of the UK’s All IP project poses a major challenge to our sector. ARCs and Installers must work together, along with solutions providers, to ensure we upgrade and future-proof all connections that currently rely on PSTN.”

Chris Coughlin, Head of Operations at Fenix Monitoring

“For approved installers, ECHO is a clear tangible commercial and performance benefit. When received in Police control rooms via ECHO, alarm signals are posted directly to Police dispatch desks without further question. The ECHO-routed signal is effectively prioritised as it jumps a verification process that would otherwise be required, saving time in police response.”

Mark Taylor, General Manager of ECHO

“I think the traditional ‘alarm’ market will start to embrace visual verification which means ARCs need to keep up with that technology and continue to provide and enhance upon those services that a ‘self-monitored’ solution just can’t compete with.”

Sian Doherty, Managing Director of Arc Monitoring.


“Exceptional company! The CSL team fixes any issues right away, great bit of kit. I have used CSL for years and will continue to do so.”

Iain Brown (DMI Fire and Security) – Google Review – 16 September

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