03 January 2020


This month Simon Banks looks through the most memorable quotes from the Bottom Line

interviews of the last 12 months.

Matthew Tolkien, Group Sales Director, BusinessWatch

If the client doesn’t know there is a problem until we have managed and controlled it, that’s world class service.

Ben Edwards, Protective Intelligence Manager – EMEA, Facebook

As we enter further into the digital age, it is paramount that the modern-day physical security professional understands cyber security.

Roman Cooper, Executive Director, Allcooper Group

We need to embrace new technologies but keep focused on what we are ultimately trying to achieve, as well as ensure it will be the best long-term solution for our customers.

Mike Reddington, Chief Executive, BSIA

Advising our members is vital and we actively encourage engagement to understand these changes and provide input in the direction and development of standards within the professional security industry.

Kassir Hussain Kayani, Chief Technical Officer, CSL

No matter how big or small, the key take outs for me have been to give customers a great product or service wrapped in a good customer experience.

Jim Ludwig, Managing Director, Texecom

Technology trends only move in one direction, and we have a responsibility to support the professional engineering community along this path.

Stephen Adams, Chief Executive, BAFE

BAFE has evolved into the important role of monitoring competency of installers and maintainers of multiple services within the fire safety arena.

Craig De-Lara, Sales and Marketing Director, Qube Total Solutions

As the consumer demands more, developers, manufacturers and tech enthusiasts continue to push the boundaries of innovation and as such the opportunities are endless for an open minded, dynamic and adventurous monitoring provider

Chris Hanks, Chairman, National Security Inspectorate (NSI)

There’s no hiding from the fact that security now holds third place in the focus of the insurance sector, after flooding and fire.

Jonathan Parker, Managing Director, EDSB Group of Companies

We have always focused on Fire Compliance and our clients trust our business to protect their estates and to keep them compliant.

Sarah Staff, Head of SaferCash

SaferCash maintains the only national database for all CViT attacks and suspicious incidents, whilst also providing a direct link between Law Enforcement and the Industry via liaison officers.


“Great Products, Great Customer Service.”

Jason Horsfall (Eltech Electrical) – LinkedIn Post – 26th Nov

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