21 December 2018


This month Simon Banks looks through the most memorable quotes from the Bottom Line interviews of the last 12 months.

BT is changing the way it provides telephone services to its UK customers, moving from analogue to digital technology. BT intends for all its customers to be using fully digital telephone services by 2025.

John Livermore, ALL IP Programme Lead, BT Consumer

Don’t teach the apprentices what you think they need to know, teach them what the industry needs them to know. Engage with local companies and you will see the demand is there!

David Scott, Curriculum & Quality Leader, New College Lanarkshire

As more and more devices connect to the internet, the concerns over interoperability and security also increase. We have been working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders from product manufacturers to network providers and government agencies to develop assurance schemes that will be relevant today and in the future.

David Mudd, Business Development Director IoT, BSI

NSI approved companies know that specifying lower grades than the risk is irresponsible and a short-term tactic. It can also be a costly one if the signal doesn’t get through to the ARC. At CSS we often over-specify, sharing our experience with our customers to demonstrate to them the value and peace of mind this provides.

Paul Connelly, Managing Director, CSS

Recent improvements in technology now mean that products capable of transmitting data and video can be increasingly used on remote sites that have minimal power and/or limited access to broadband.

Andy Croston, Owner, Videcon

Traditional security solutions may be in decline, but innovation provides many new features including enhanced data and immediate remote access.

Tim Goodwill, Chief Strategic Accounts Officer, Kings Secure Technologies

New technology allows us to prepare for the threat of the global players (Amazon, Google, etc) who are investing heavily in the Smart Home space. This is especially true in residential properties where our industry faces a real challenge.

Tom Howard, Owner, Spy Alarms

I can already see that the next crop of engineers are more technologically savvy than my generation! These Apprentices are enabling us to keep up with the latest developments in our industry.

Matthew Williams, Owner, Ocean Fire & Security

As an industry we must recognise and embrace the importance of the work we undertake and come together to share and publicise best practice, ensuring that the services we deliver to our customers are always to the highest standards of compliance.

Rob Flinn, Chief Executive, Marlowe Fire & Security Group

Criminals are becoming smarter and adapting their techniques to reduce risk to themselves. It is imperative that the security industry, technology users, related standards and businesses keep pace with this transformation.

Dan Hardy, Managing Director, National Business Crime Solution (NBCS)

ARCs need to focus on keeping pace with testing and delivering the right technology and continuously developing and investing, to provide a quality service.

Richard Solly, Head of Monitoring Services, Southern and Northern Monitoring Services


“Brilliant router, we use one for a lot of testing equipment and for shows we attend”.

JC Secure Systems – 1st Nov

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