12 December 2021


This month Simon Banks talks to Sian Doherty, Managing Director of Arc Monitoring. Arc Monitoring is an NSI Gold Approved CCTV Monitoring & Alarm Receiving Centre.

Can you tell us a little about your journey within the business?

I joined Arc in 2010, after 3 years at the University in Bristol and no clue what was next. My first job title was ‘Administrator and CCTV Operator’. I worked 12-hour shifts, 4 days on 4 days off, including overnight sometimes! I told myself I could continue the student lifestyle in those 4 days off – instead, I found myself researching Alarm Panels and NVRs. Before I knew it, under Jonathan Sturely’s (previous Managing Director and Founder) guidance and mentorship, I was running the Control Room. I have loved seeing Arc grow year on year and knowing that I have been a part of that success. After 11 years with Arc, I was honoured to accept the role of Managing Director. I am so grateful to be in this position at a time when the Security Industry s undergoing an exciting transformation.

How has the Security Industry kept your interest?

One of my friends has my number saved under “Security Sian – I never rest”. Why? Because I almost missed a train to a Hen Party, after witnessing a shoplifter in Paddington Station. I just couldn’t walk away. This industry is one that allows you to provide a service to your customers that offers them protection in a way that no other commercial industry can. It becomes your vocation, not just your career. I’ve also been acutely aware that when I started in this industry, I was in the minority. There are more women now but few higher up the ladder. I was very lucky to have the support of a great leader and I now think it’s my responsibility to play my part and ensure this industry becomes more diverse and inclusive for future generations.

What are the latest challenges facing Alarm Receiving Centres?

I sincerely believe that every challenge has its own set of opportunities. The technology available currently is impressive; ECHO, AI, Facial Recognition, etc. However that is just the start, it’s going to be revolutionary over the next few years. I think the traditional ‘alarm’ market will start to embrace visual verification which means ARCs need to keep up with that technology and continue to provide and enhance upon those services that a ‘self-monitored’ solution just can’t compete with. ARCs also need to be aware that enhancements to technology come under the backdrop of heightened global and national security risks, as well as increased awareness of violence against women and the threat of severe cyber-attacks. However, I think the biggest challenge facing any ARC is remembering that for every technological enhancement, human beings are running through it. At Arc, we understand that our team are our biggest asset and like many businesses in the post-pandemic world, we need to look after those staff who do so much for us and for our customers.

How are Arc Monitoring working with Installers to overcome the challenges of All IP?

We began shouting about All IP around 2 years ago – posting about it on social media and talking to our existing customers and we have no plans to stop making noise! There is a misconception out there that we can all wait till 2025 – we really can’t! We have been working with CSL to provide customers with overviews of their portfolios and helping put in place plans for a steady transition. Our Customer Services Team truly understand the situation and speak to our customers daily about their plans for the future. We are offering free consultations with installers to review and consider their next steps.


“We at Protego Fire and Security only ever install CSL products. They are without doubt the easiest to
install and most efficient communicators on the market with tech support that is first class.”

Jason Fosdike (Protego Fire & Security Limited) – Google Review – 6 September

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