01 April 2021


This month Simon Banks talks to Tom Ford, Membership Development Manager at the British Security Industry Association. The BSIA is the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK.

In terms of membership, who do the BSIA represent?

The BSIA represents more than 70% (by turnover) of privately provided UK security products and services. We support businesses that span the entire security industry, from small one-man bands through to SMEs and global household names. We aim to drive the industry forward, raise company profiles and support businesses to work to the highest professional standards.

What are the latest areas in which members can contribute to change in our sector?

The BSIA is heavily involved in alerting our members to the UK’s transition to All IP (Digital Voice) by 2025 as well as sitting on the Ofcom top table, both of which enables us to raise awareness on the challenge of transition. BSIA member companies will know about changes ahead of time, placing them at a competitive advantage in full view of their customers.

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Skills for Security is now the UK’s largest Fire & Security apprenticeship provider and we have trained many of tomorrow’s engineers, many of whom are now working for BSIA member companies. The increase in successful apprentices each year is playing a pivotal role in filling the skills gap and members can be confident their apprentice and training needs will be delivered by getting involved.

We have also just launched the first ethical and legal use guide on Automated Facial Recognition (AFR), developed by our video surveillance section, and encompasses useful terms and abbreviations, with a specific focus on distinctive application types verification (is it you?) and identification (who is it?). In 2020 our members were also involved in the award-winning Cyber Security code of practice for installers, developed by our Cyber Security Product Assurance Group. The crucial role our members played in developing these guides will go a long way in moving our industry forward.

In terms of professional alarm installers, what benefits can they get from becoming a BSIA Member?

The BSIA logo isn’t just a hallmark of distinction that ensures your company stands out, the Association offers real benefits which ensure you have the tools to stay ahead in the competitive security industry. By joining the BSIA you will benefit from several services that will enhance your company profile. Work with us to develop standards, enter our awards and utilise our marketing, comms & PR team to promote your news stories to our huge industry following. There are more benefits than I can mention, but I will say that it is better to be a member, not just an observer!

If you join before 8th June, you can take advantage of a fantastic offer we have available in partnership with CSL which includes a free 4G Signal Analyser.

To get in touch with Tom or to find out more about becoming a BSIA member, please visit: www.bsia.co.uk/join-the-bsia or contact him via membership@bsia.co.uk

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"CSL Group we have started using the DualCom Pro units and they are superb, the speed signals come through when testing are immense! User friendly and the dual-radio is a real help."

Peter Walker (PWS Systems Cumbria Ltd) – LinkedIn – 29th Nov

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