03 June 2020


A small gesture to show our support for the amazing front-line NHS staff.

We have been showing our support to our local NHS Heroes over the last few weeks, providing fresh juices and smoothies to help keep front-line staff refreshed on a well-earned break during their long shifts. At the start of last month, we provided drinks to Harefield Hospital, located just 1 mile from our Head Office.

More recently, we provided a further 200 drinks to both Royal Berkshire Hospital and Great Western Hospital, situated close to our office in Newbury. The former also provided expert care for a member of CSL staff when they were terminally ill - so this was an additional thank you from our team. 

At CSL, we have close working relationships with front-line services including the police, fire brigade and ambulance services. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their hard work during this challenging time. 

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