30 September 2016


Tele2 today announced that they will extend the existing partnership with CSL, now also joining forces to capture the large opportunity in bridging the analogue to digital gap in communication devices across Europe.

Tele2 and CSL have been working together as partners for a number of years and recently secured a large deal through the development of new value added services and an increased integration between the two companies’ solutions. Tele2 and CSL are now looking to capture more of opportunities identified throughout Europe.

The partnership will offer customers connectivity across Europe for their IoT and M2M devices. CSL have over 20 years’ experience in bridging the analogue to digital gap in communication devices. Whether it’s converting landline dependent devices to roaming mobile devices or adding a secondary mobile path for back-up, they can provide a solution.

Rami Avidan, Managing Director IoT, Tele2 Group, comments: “We have a great partnership with CSL and together we can offer the connectivity and the value added services that we know are required by the market. Our latest deal confirms this and with the large transition going on in the market we see a great potential. We generate true value, for both our customers, partners and Tele2”.

Phil Hollett, CEO of CSL, comments: ”We chose Tele2 to support our strategy as our combined high levels of service allow us to respond to opportunities quickly. We can rapidly see the number of connections growing to hundreds of thousands. Over 13 million analogue systems in Europe (1 million in the Netherlands alone) will need to upgrade to digital and our past successes with customers have already proven that we are the most reliable choice to deliver this service.”

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