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06 March 2023


CSL’s Head of Sales for UK & Ireland talks to Security Matters about the future of the industry as the PSTN Switch-off draws closer.

CSL has been featured in Security Matters, where our Head of Sales for UK & Ireland, John Coleman, provides an insight into how the world of alarm signalling is changing rapidly as we approach the PSTN Switch-off, also known as All IP. 

John Coleman discusses how older technologies, including PSTN, will be completely redundant by 2025, with Openreach moving towards the nationwide ‘stop-sell’ phase. Upgrading your current PSTN lines to an all-digital solution isn’t as complex a procedure as installers might think! To look at your options and find the latest information, please visit our All IP Hub.

Click here to read the full article and discover how CSL are supporting installers in making the relevant changes.

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