08 July 2020


CSL are now providing reliable and secure connectivity to the Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) industry across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Many EVC suppliers highlight reliable connectivity as their main challenge when delivering a dependable service to their customers. All too often, the connectivity utilised is unreliable or drops off the network, leaving the system unusable. These limitations to service result in a loss of revenue for the suppliers, frustration from end users and damages the reputation of these systems.

CSL’s connectivity solutions include Managed SIMs, which offer roaming on all networks and technologies (2G/3G/4G) providing maximum reliability for any connected device. Additionally, CSL Router provides an always-on, fully managed service with single and dual 4G Roaming SIM variants providing total resilience and multi-path connectivity

 As well as reliability, security is important for many EVC suppliers as payments are also processed via this connectivity source. CSL utilise private APNs and the secure Gemini Global Platform for fully encrypted, end-to-end connectivity, with VPNs to support OCPP protocols. Flexible bundles mean that each system can be tailored to its specific requirements – or these can be spread across an estate.

 CSL is also now a member of the Renewable Energy Association (REA) who recently completed a merger with the UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association (UK EVSE). The REA are committed to enabling industries to deliver a future built on renewable energy and clean technology.

 CSL also recently completed a successful trial with EVC Suppliers CarCharger.ie. CSL’s Managed SIMs are now being utilised for all their EV Chargers in their growing estate. To read more about this case study please click here.

 For more information please click here.

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