04 February 2020


Why do you think that so many cameras (in the report) showed that they were not being kept up to date? Is there anything that installers can do to encourage customers to take up service/maintenance contracts to avoid problems?

CCTV cameras and systems continue to be a focused target for cyberattacks. Despite this, as the report shows, many cameras and systems remain vulnerable or are too out of date to be protected. Installers need to remain vigilant to these threats and remind their customers of the consequences of such a data breach. Updating systems is essential to ensure they have the latest firmware and network security. Secure remote access to CCTV cameras provides the ability for remote maintenance, software updates and scheduled tests, to ensure a system is always up and running. Connectivity alone, however, is still not enough. The connection must be secure, provide failover and ensure 24/7 access.

Installers must choose experts, who know the risks and can ensure the technical infrastructure is optimised and bulletproof. Only then can manufacturers and services providers provide the management tools – portals and Apps – to enable Installers to take control of their base more effectively and efficiently. This also presents opportunities for Installers. Providing connectivity to CCTV systems can help a company to bring increased value to their offerings whilst reducing the costs associated with traditional maintenance packages. This could allow Installers to reduce the cost for their customers, whilst still increasing their own margins.


John Coleman, Head of Sales UK & Ireland, CSL

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