03 March 2017


This month Simon Banks talks to Rami Avidan, Managing Director of Tele2 IoT (Internet of Things). 

What opportunities does IoT offer to Fire & Security companies, particularly those with older legacy systems?

I see lots of opportunities in this sector; especially within the parts of a business that still haven’t done the necessary transformation from analogue to digital. Overall, the technology and services that come with IoT will make it so much easier to understand your business’ Key Performance Indicators. By analysing the data in a smart way you can improve efficiency, start offering better services and increase your customer satisfaction.

Tele2 IoT recently announced a significant partnership agreement with CSL. What value will this bring?

We have a great partnership with CSL and together we can offer the connectivity and services that we know are required by the market. The development of new services and an increased integration between the two companies’ solutions is good news for our
customers, as the partnership will offer connectivity across Europe for their IoT and M2M devices. We are delivering solutions that offer the best of both our companies and the combined experience of both organisations, will give customers the confidence that they are using the best solution on the market.

Are these solutions available now or is IoT more of a long term strategic question for companies?

These solutions are available now, but in order to be successful companies must make IoT a strategic priority. It is easy to find
solutions to start providing connectivity to your business and products but if you don’t know what your long term vision is, how do
you know what to invest in? We strongly advise all companies to start small, learn what works best for you and then look at how you can scale up fast. Identify what you want to achieve before you start, this is the key to success.

A concern held by many Installers are network outages. What are Tele2 doing to improve their overall coverage and reliability?

We understand that this is critical to many businesses and we have focused on creating a reliable and stable solution. Tele2 and its
roaming partners are constantly investing in infrastructure, including a redundant solution with dual fall-back at all levels. Our solution offers roaming on all networks within Europe, so if one network goes down it will automatically connect to another network. These are just some of the areas we are addressing and today many customers trust us to ensure their critical solutions are always online.

Tele2 are delivering solutions across Europe. How does the UK compare to other countries in terms of the delivery of IoT solutions?

Compared to other European nations the UK is doing well, but could look to other parts of Europe for some important benchmarks and best practices. The UK market has a lot of potential and that is why it is one of the key areas we are investing in.


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