27 January 2015


This month Simon Banks talks to Chris Pinder, formally External Affairs Director with the NSI and now heading up Marketing and Business Development with Tavcom.

This month Simon Banks talks to Chris Pinder, formally External Affairs Director with the NSI and now heading up Marketing and Business Development with Tavcom. 

How are Tavcom placed to help installers reskill to take on the new disciplines and diversification within in the security industry?

Tavcom offers over 70 classroom-based and online e-learning courses, covering a wide and diverse range of subjects including CCTV, IP Network, Access Control, Intruder Alarm and Fire Alarm courses, as well as nontechnical courses in security related fields. The key factors lie in our provision of highly experienced tutors who are each experts in their respective fields and our award winning BTEC certificated courses which provide the right mix of theory and hands-on training. All this is delivered via our bespoke and superbly equipped classrooms and workshops. Training is key in all sectors and Security is no different. Keeping up-to-date with technology changes and developing new skills is crucial in order to remain successful in a competitive market.

Tavcom has a new division launching this month; can you tell us more about it?

Tavcom Resettlement is centred on targeting and training those leaving the Armed Forces in anticipation of a post-military career within the electronic security industry. Many of those leaving the Forces have the attributes and skillsets that naturally guide them to, and benefit, our industry. Tavcom Resettlement will encourage more Military leavers to ‘think Security’ for their next career. Rather than a recruitment agency, we prefer to refer to our new division as a 'resettlement agency', as the focus is on training and the introduction of Forces personnel into the security systems world.

How can Tavcom become more engaged with the apprenticeship process?

Tavcom recognises and supports apprenticeships and all the great work CSL DualCom and partners have done in this arena. The Engineers of Tomorrow group which incorporates the 100 in 100 initiative has achieved massive successes and will continue to do so. As with military personnel seeking second careers, apprenticeships are paramount in order to encourage new and raw talent to ‘think Security’. Our industry is very rewarding but we need these respective initiatives to raise the profile to the wider world and make Security a viable career choice.

Standards often receive bad press from installers; do you think this is misplaced?

I actually think it is frustration rather than bad press. We are in an industry with a great many individuals who are passionate about its profile, its successes and the standards. Having worked for the industry Association and Inspectorate, I know how challenging it is to find a ‘one size fits all’ solution. With so many differing and opposing views, especially with Europe added to the equation, it is difficult to find a compromise that all parties are 100% happy with. It’s also challenging for individuals to find time to give input when they have businesses to run. The structure – via our industry organisations – is there for everyone to provide input to standards, both as individuals and as a collective. It is important that we support those enthusiastic and knowledgeable experts who give their time to the development and maintenance of our industry's professionalism.

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