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11 December 2015


This month Simon Banks talks to Guy Dodd, the UK Sales Director of Pyronix, a market-leading designer and manufacturer of products and technologies for use in the security industry.

This month Simon Banks talks to Guy Dodd, the UK Sales Director of Pyronix, a market-leading designer and manufacturer of products and technologies for use in the security industry.

Do you think wireless signalling technology complements wireless control panels and devices?

It would be nonsensical to fit a wireless system and then have to start running cables and wires to a phone line; it completely reverses the non-intrusive nature of wireless installations. The biggest expenditure is always labour costs. A wireless security system is much more efficient and simple to install and therefore an installer can fit more of them. More installs generate more profit and gives the installer a competitive edge. 

Are Smartphones influencing the security sector? 

Smartphones have made communication instantaneous, a trait that we see in every platform now. Installers and end-users communicate with intruder systems whilst on the move through IP and cloud infrastructure. End-users can set and unset their systems, receive notifications that their children are home safely and view live monitoring of their property remotely. Shortly we will see the integration of intruder and home automation through the use of applications. The biggest change is one that I am delighted to see after 35 years in the industry; intruder systems are becoming a desired lifestyle choice rather than a grudge purchase.

Pyronix have opted to become a DualCom connected partner. What are the main advantages of this collaboration to your customers?

There are many similarities in the way our companies work with our customers. We both invest heavily in people and have the largest commercial teams on the road across the UK. This helps us to promote our product activity, whilst also having the physical presence to support our customers. We listen to our customers and genuinely care about their opinion. DualCom is a trusted brand with a proven, quality service offering. Our joint initiative will enable the progression of taking self-monitoring systems and lifting them up to include Police Response/ARC monitoring. It improves the level of professionalism in our industry and with Police URNs at a one-off charge of £50 - it’s a no brainer for people wanting a solid succession plan to their signalling.

How do you see the market changing over the next few years?

I see intruder, CCTV and home automation interaction happening from a single app. This outlet will supply installers with complete, practical and desired features to their system. This will enable installers to gain more recurring revenues and a better retention of their customers through subscriptions and management of services. It will also streamline and minimise maintenance calls with remote monitoring. As a company, we have the responsibility to help our installers market these new products and services. It is our belief that it is imperative to travel regionally to our customers rather than expecting them to travel hundreds of miles to see us. We have already signed up to more regional shows than ever for 2016 including the NSI Summits and local Trade Shows.

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