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The Latest Updates to CSL Aerials - What You Need To Know!

Following the launch of new products, including CSL Router and DualCom Pro, we identified the need to consolidate the accessories we offer to support these. As part of this, we have streamlined the number of aerials we now supply. This reduction in the quantity of part numbers is intended to make the ordering process as simple as possible for Installers.

The High Gain Aerials (with the metal brackets) now come with both MMCX and SMA options as a converter is included within the pack. We have also introduced new white aerials and white extensions leads to match, suitable for any installations requiring this. The table below outlines the new range, as well as the products they are compatible with.

Internal Aerials & Extension Cables

For CSL Signalling Devices

External Aerials & Extension Cables

For CSL Signalling Devices & Routers

For more information, please contact our Technical Support Team via

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