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14 October 2021


Ahead of this year's Electronic Security Competition, IFSEC Global spoke to Dee Aylett-Smith, Head of National Competitions at WorldSkills UK

Every year thousands of students and apprentices take part in the competition across 64 different sectors. Regional qualifiers determined by each sector are based on apprenticeship standards and are designed to focus on core skills that are valued by employers which form a national finals day for competitors. The event allows young people to build industry networks that could carry them through to potential careers as well as compete for a chance to win. Individuals are given the opportunity to build confidence, develop employability skills and perfect their technical abilities.

WorldSkills UK is an independent charity that aims to take its international best practice into national networks and raise apprenticeship and technical education standards and awareness. The charity focuses specifically on sectors that are driven by industry needs in collaboration with changing government priorities. Click here to read the full article. 

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