16 November 2023


 Wooden toy building blocks

We are proud to announce that CSL recently supported the DIY SOS Team as part of their project to construct a bespoke counselling and therapy centre for traumatically bereaved children and young people.

The project, within the grounds of the Treetops Hospice, Risley, Derbyshire, will be the 10th 'Big Build Project' for BBC Children in Need. Treetops Hospice provides over 900 counselling sessions for local children, ages 7 and up, working primarily with children and young adolescents experiencing traumatic grief.

To ensure the security system is always connected and operational, CSL donated our award-winning alarm signalling solution, CSL Connected. This was installed at the centre by Eagle Security Systems and is monitored by East Midlands Central Station.  

Protecting properties and vulnerable people is part of what CSL has been doing for over 25 years, which is why we were passionate about getting involved in this kind of project and assisting where we could.

Children and young people are considered one of the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in the UK. With the added trauma of intense grief, these young adolescents and children must have a safe space where they feel supported and can process their experiences. We hope to assist in keeping their new space, the talented hospice staff and patients all protected and secure.

To find out more about the project, visit the BBC Media Centre or broadcast is available now on BBC iPlayer. 

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