24 August 2022


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Each month, PSI Product Tests provide independent third-party reviews of the latest products and solutions.

We are delighted to announce that our award-winning GradeShift Pro 2 has been awarded an 8.5/10 rating in June’s PSI Product Test! An evolution of GradeShift Pro, GradeShift Pro 2, was assessed on the solution's ‘easy and stress-free' installation to its reliability and general performance.

The independent review highlighted some of GradeShift Pro 2’s best features:

“The information provided with the unit is purposeful and direct, easily interpreted and directed toward engineers.”

“Within the guide, you are provided with multiple QR codes for quick access to download the ‘’My Base App 2.0.”

“Like all other CSL products, set up is made as stress-free as possible.”

“You can rest assured that dual path signalling can remain reliable even in a power outage.”

“The aerial connections are sturdy, providing a satisfying ‘click’ to signify aerial connection.”

“Integrated RJ45 connection and dial capture on board as standard.”

Part of the DualCom Pro 2 Range, GradeShift Pro 2 is a dual-path signalling solution that utilises a combination of two Radio paths or one Radio and one LAN path to signal an alarm. Each SIM operates on an independent network from the other for total resilience.

Moreover, GradeShift Pro 2 is fully compatible with our My Base App 2.0, a handy Installer App that allows Installers to configure and test their connected devices, unlocking the full potential of the DualCom Pro Range!

Click here to read the full review on page 22 in the June 2022 edition of PSI Magazine. 

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