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09 August 2023


We are thrilled to announce the extension of our CSL Connected range, in partnership with our Connected Partners, Orisec.

Following the announcement of our partnership with Orisec earlier this year, we are delighted to confirm the extension of our offering. This includes DP2+ and DP3 variants, Radio + Radio, LAN + Radio and Wi-Fi + Radio. These variants can be ordered today from your chosen ARC

CSL Connected provides connectivity directly to the ARC via the Gemini Global Platform, offering installers full-proof single and dual-path alarm signalling. The App allows users to set and unset their alarm systems, view and control cameras, receive alerts live-time and manage their devices seamlessly with full remote access. Since its launch in 2016, CSL Connected is now trusted in over 50,000 sites!

Discover more on the latest CSL Connected extension.

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