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08 March 2022


We are already taking on steps to improve our sustainability across our business!

We are aware that the impact of climate change is perhaps one of the biggest issues facing businesses around the world today. At CSL, we have already taken steps to reduce our environmental impact across the business and we are also busy looking at further ways we can accelerate our journey to becoming Net Zero.

We recently attended a Three Rivers Sustainable Business Programme which is currently being offered in partnership with sustainability experts Sustainable X. This is part of an initiative run by Three Rivers District Council, where our Head Office is based in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire. Sustainable X's Programme provides practical guidance and business-focused information to help businesses lower their carbon use. The initial workshop gave us a valuable insight into practical methods we can adopt, as well as identifying the great work we are already doing to increase our positive social and environmental impacts.

We are currently working on achieving our ISO14001 (Environmental) Certification, which is part of our journey to improve and progress our sustainability at CSL. We realise that becoming more sustainable will not only benefit our business but also our employees, customers and the planet.

Click here to read more about the great work we are already doing.

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