08 March 2023


Today we are celebrating all the amazing women at CSL!

To mark International Women’s Day 2023, we would like to show our appreciation for our amazing female colleagues at CSL and across our customers and partners. We are proud to say that 25% of our workforce are women, with over half joining us within the last five years! Despite operating in predominately male-dominated industries, we are delighted to see our female workforce growing every year. 

Here is what a few of our colleagues had to say when they were asked about inclusivity in the workplace: 

“CSL is an inclusive employer, and we hire based on skill and competencies. Being in a male-dominated industry, our female presence continues to grow, and we continue to evolve in this space. It’s great to see more women getting into IoT and Technology sectors!”

Jessica Gray – HR Manager 

“Inclusiveness is an extremely important part of any workplace, especially regarding terms of employment and salary. It is also important in being able to perform different tasks, regardless of gender. At CSL, I have never felt different because I am a woman”. 

Patricia Melero – Finance Director for Iberia  

“I feel like women aren’t treated differently within the workplace, which is great, plus the number of women that work for the company has increased throughout the years”. 

Rachel Davies – Finance Manager

“Treating men and women as equal. Ensuring opportunities for growth for men and women and being made to feel equally involved and supported”. 

Danielle Smith – Sales Executive  

“There is nothing you can’t achieve if you are determined and believe in yourself, don’t let anyone say that you can’t do it. Hard work and determination do pay off. Self-belief is everything!”.  

Vickie Davies – Operations Manager 

"Working in IT, every individual is a member of the team. I don't believe we need to do something special just for women".

Ming Qin - Head of Software Quality Assurance

It is important that both individuals and organisations are aware of the systemic challenges women can face, particularly within industries that are male-based-dominated. It is essential that both men and women #EmbraceEquity in order for us to create an inclusive world for future generations. At CSL, we recognise and celebrate the important role that women play in our organisation. Thank you for all your hard work and Happy International Women’s Day to our trailblazing female employees!  

To discover more about our company principles and the opportunities to join our team, please click here.  

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