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18 July 2022


We are delighted to announce the addition of Patrik Gutke to our Nordics Team

Our growing Nordics Team welcomes another new member, Patrik Gutke. Patrik joins CSL from Tempest Security AB where he spent 2 years managing the back office department in their ARC. He has also developed valuable service experience in creating, handling, and developing customer services. Before that, he worked for Falck Security as a technical support supervisor for approximately 3 years, gaining both valuable industry and technical knowledge.

Patrik commented: “I am truly delighted and enthusiastic to join CSLand hope to help bring their already successful products and services to the Swedish and Nordic markets. Cultures and Security in Sweden and the Nordics differ a bit from the UK and here is where I hope to come in and be the guide and make sure that our new clients believe in CSL as much as I do."

Ingemar Spangberg, Business Development Director Nordics, commented: “Another fantastic addition to the Nordics Team. With the addition of Patrik, we will continue to develop our operations in the Nordics, to ensure we deliver the best service and products possible to connectivity professionals!”

Patrik is available to contact via:

+46 (0) 73 543 57 77

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