04 September 2023


ARMD CSL 15% Discount Code 'CSL15M'

We are thrilled to announce that ARMD has selected CSL as their Critical IoT Connectivity provider.

ARMD’s unique solution provides products and services to assist and protect tradespeople’s tools and livelihoods. They have partnered with CSL for their new product: ARMD GUARD

Using CSL’s IoT SIMs, ARMD Guard’s alarm and stickers act as a deterrent to prevent your tools from being stolen. Should the worst happen, and your van is broken into, the system will signal an alarm to your Smartphone. The AMRD Guard solution comes with a tracker that enables you to find your van and track movement with the built-in GPS. It takes less than 2 minutes to install with the "Plug and Play" set up and no technical knowledge is required. You can also use the Smartphone App to Arm and Disarm the solution. 

Andy Bromley, Head of Product at CSL commented: "We are delighted that ARMD has chosen to partner with CSL to provide Critical Connectivity in their innovative and multi-award-winning product. Listening to our customers, we know that tool theft is a major problem for them and CSL’s partnership with the team at ARMD will help combat an ever-increasing scourge in our industry."

Duncan Jackson, Co-founder and CCO of ARMD said: “Tool theft is a huge problem with a van being broken into every 19 minutes. To help prevent it and protect tradespeoples’ livelihoods it's critical for us to have fast, reliable communications at the heart of our system which is why I’m delighted to partner with CSL, who have a proven track record in this field along with the added security and resilience that we require.”

Visit the ARMD website today and use discount code 'CSL15M' for 15% off!

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