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10 February 2023


Our DualCom Pro Range has now been trusted in over 200,000 professional installations across Europe since its launch in July 2019!

This week we celebrated reaching another milestone with our DualCom Pro Range - 200,000 installations! Our alarm signalling range includes GradeShift Pro 2 and DigiAir Pro 2, with all radio variants utilising multiple network-independent SIMs. The range is also compatible with the CSL Live Portal and our handy installer app, My Base 2.0.

To mark the occasion, we celebrated with a large delivery of treats for all our brilliant teams across CSL. We would like to say a huge thank you to our amazing installers, ARCs and partners for their support in making our DualCom Pro Range such a success!

Have you left us a Google review yet? Let us know about your experience with the DualCom Pro range and get yourself one of our Installer Toolkit bags! Just leave your company name and we will handle the rest!

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