Farmer standing under irrigation system

In the world of modern agriculture, efficiency is essential. CSL is currently working with IKOSTECH, a company based in southern Spain, which is committed to the environment. IKOSTECH have a presence in several countries and has been at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to improve irrigation efficiency.

Focusing on the installation and sale of irrigation monitoring equipment, IKOSTECH helps the agricultural sector to optimise crop quality and also significantly reduce costs, by saving both time and resources.

Through international projects in several countries, IKOSTECH has demonstrated how IoT technology, supported by CSL's IoT SIMs, can radically transform agriculture.

The agricultural sector often faces challenges related to water efficiency, crop quality and operating costs. IKOSTECH faced these same challenges and set out to find a solution that could make a difference. Their goal was simple: make irrigation more efficient and cost-effective, whilst caring for the planet by saving water.

The company implemented an irrigation monitoring system that relies on the Internet of Things (IoT). This system includes sensors on the irrigation equipment that provide real-time operational data. An alarm and notification system alerts farmers to any irrigation-related incidents. This includes sending alerts about equipment that does not register a scheduled watering.

A highlight of this solution was the connectivity provided by CSL's IoT SIMs. These multi-operator, roaming SIMs ensure uninterrupted connectivity in rural areas, where coverage is sometimes a challenge. In addition, the CSL's IoT Platform allows farmers to monitor and analyse the performance of their equipment in real time.

After implementing these methods, irrigation efficiency has improved significantly, resulting in higher-quality crops and a significant reduction in operating costs. Farmers are now able to make data-driven decisions on when and how to irrigate. Thus optimising water use, maximising yields and reducing food waste.

Alejandro Reig, Key Account Manager for CSL Iberia, said:

"IKOSTECH has been delighted with the solution provided by CSL. The company currently has ambitious plans that include the activation of around 1,500 CSL SIMs before the end of this year. In addition, they have an even more ambitious vision for 2024: to reach the figure of 3,000 fully operational SIMs.

This success, which has exceeded all expectations, further strengthens IKOSTECH's position as the undisputed leader in the irrigation sector. It also highlights the importance of Critical IoT Connectivity in modern agriculture, where efficiency and informed decision-making are critical to sustainable success."

This success story demonstrates how IoT technology, supported by CSL's expertise in Critical Connectivity, can make a significant impact in agriculture, improve efficiency and reduce costs. By leveraging Critical IoT Connectivity and real-time monitoring, IKOSTECH has demonstrated it is possible to transform a traditional sector, into a smarter and more sustainable one. This is just one example of how IoT is changing the way we address agricultural challenges around the world.

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