The PSTN Switch-off & the Telecare Sector

Historically, PSTN or analogue phone lines have relied on copper cables from the exchange to the premises.

Telecare equipment relies on the analogue tones sent across these phone lines to send a signal in the event of an emergency.

The All IP upgrade means there will no longer be a phone line to facilitate this or any power on the line coming from the exchange. Analogue tones over PSTN are becoming less reliable as the UK upgrades to All IP. Previously the phone line would still work in a power cut, in the digital world, the phone line will no longer work.

It will be a complex process for the end-user to set up their Smart Router and re-configure their Dispersed Alarm. As the Telecare Sector transitions from analogue to digital, CSL are providing end-to-end private networks for delivering Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol, or ‘SCAIP’, over Mobile IP.

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