The Copper Switch-Off & Ireland's Fire & Security Industry

Two changes are happening to the telephone network in Ireland, which will stop Digital Communicators and other signalling equipment, that relies on a PSTN phone line, from working correctly.

Firstly, open eir is rolling out new MSAN (Multi-Service Access Nodes) technology in local exchanges. This technology allows for multiple services to be connected to the exchange, whilst also being more reliable, scalable and better for the environment.

This work began last year and is being completed quarterly between now and 2023. Numerous exchanges across Ireland have already been migrated to MSAN, meaning they no longer provide a complete end-to-end PSTN service and signalling systems may fail to communicate to the ARC.

Secondly, as the number of exchanges upgraded increases, a phased approach to moving end-users to VOIP services begins. Initially, end-users will be encouraged to upgrade to an ‘e-fibre’ bundle. When 75% of these have switched to an IP line, the remaining copper customers will be incentivised to do the same. Finally, those still remaining on copper lines will be given 12 months' notice of a full withdrawal of services. We want to help you keep your signalling base working and your customers happy. We have options that offer easier, faster installation, with even greater resilience.

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