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We have been a leading provider of Critical Connectivity for 30 years. 

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Pioneering the transition from wired to wireless connectivity

CSL was founded in 1996, as a UK alarm signalling provider. Today, we have over 2.5 million managed connections supporting mission or business-critical IoT applications across Europe, and we are continuing to grow and innovate.

We know that mission and business-critical end users depend on solutions that provide the highest levels of security and reliability. That is why our expert team are constantly innovating to provide the most resilient and cyber-secure connectivity solutions on the market. 

The sectors we work in and applications we connect are at the highest end of critical communications. Our solutions have been deployed at scale in markets including security, telecare, critical national infrastructure, automotive and retail.

Our Mission

To be the number one Critical IoT Connectivity Provider. 

CSL through the years...

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