CSL are working closely with BT and our industry and trade bodies to fufill BT’s plan to move to an ALL IP network by 2025.

The UK’s alarm receiving centres are helping BT to identify the special service users like Installers with signalling products on their network. This will help them plan the right time for you to upgrade as there is no need for this to happen immediately. To further assist this, analogue adaptors have been built into the new BT Smart Hubs to help ease your transition to digital.

As part of this process we tested our DualCom products at BT Labs with the new BT Smart Hub using the onboard PSTN Port. We are pleased to report that the DualCom GradeShift range and DigiPlus will work over BT’s ALL IP VoIP service on a line with normal broadband performance.

Click here for full test results.

The testing of WebWay and Emizon products at the BT Lab will be taking place shortly and CSL will communicate these findings in due course.

For sites that upgrade to ALL IP there would be a need [for the installer] to attend site to rewire the PSTN connection to the voice port on the new router. We are working with BT on the detail for that and will be providing detailed guidance nearer launch.

This means that you can choose if and when to upgrade your existing DualCom base. For those of you that want to take this as an opportunity to upgrade your customers, you can choose to either switch to an IP path for your GradeShift or GradeShift UDL units or add a LAN card to older DualComs. Alternatively, Installer-friendly dual path wireless signalling is coming in Spring 2019… the DualCom Pro range.

Click here for a sneak peek at what’s to come.

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