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GradeShift UDL Instruction Manual

Last updated 22/03/2018

3.2 Connecting to a Control Panel by RS232 Serial Comms

Connecting to a Control Panel by RS232 Serial Comms

Several types of Control Panel use a RS232 Serial lead to connect to other items of the system.

The Control Panel’s RS232 Serial lead is normally used to a digi/modem or a communications device, and where this is possible then a GradeShift/DigiAir UDL may be connected.

The GradeShift/DigiAir UDL’s RS232 Serial connector must be connected to a Control Panel’s RS232 Serial connector or port.

Monitoring of the RS232 Serial lead is done by the Control Panel regularly passing messages to the unit connected to the RS232 Serial lead and checking that it replies. A failure to reply will result in the Control Panel reporting the loss, usually as a ‘tamper’.

The GradeShift/DigiAir UDL is also programmed to expect regular messages passed to it by the Control panel. A failure to receive these will result in the GradeShift/DigiAir UDL ceasing its polling calls to the Gemini network and this will cause a failure alarm message to be sent to the ARC.

What can the RS232 Serial lead be used for ?

Depending upon the Control Panel type, the RS232 Serial lead can be used for:

a). The Control Panel generates an alarm message and sends it to an ARC.

In the event that the Control Panel needs to send an alarm message to the ARC, the GradeShift/DigiAir UDL will receive the message and forward it via the Gemini network to the ARC. The Control Panel’s alarm reporting protocol must use one of the following alarm formats: Fast Format, Contact ID or SIA.

For this to work, the Control Panel’s communications presets must be correctly programmed. Check your Control Panel’s configuration for any other settings that may apply.

b). Up/Download (UDL) the Control Panel’s settings and logs to its associated computer software. The Control Panel accepts an incoming UDL call from its associated UDL software via the Gemini Network and the GradeShift/DigiAir UDL.

c). Panel Initiated Up/Download (PIUDL) of the Control Panel’s settings and logs to associated computer software. The Control Panel makes an outgoing call via the GradeShift/DigiAir UDL and the Gemini network to its associated UDL software.

What Control Panels can be connected via a RS232 Serial lead to the GradeShift/DigiAir UDL ?
Please refer to the list of compatible Control Panels on our website at: link to go here

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