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GradeShift UDL Instruction Manual

Last updated 22/03/2018

2.2 Aerial Siting


The aerial should be mounted vertically at the point of strongest signal.  This is usually the highest point in the building (often the loft area). 

As large metal structures can affect radio signals avoid installing the aerial directly under metal roofs or within metal skinned buildings. This will reduce the signal strength and may inhibit operation completely.  If this is unavoidable, the strongest signal will be found away from the metal roof or close to large external windows or skylights.

Avoid installing the aerial close (2 metres) to cable runs, ducting, structural metalwork, metal pipes, water tanks and electronic equipment, e.g. photocopiers, fax machines  etc. These can have similar effects to metal structures.

Ensure the aerial is connected to the aerial connector (see figure 1), then apply power to the unit and wait 1-2 minutes for the unit to connect to the network. During this time the yellow SVC LED will flash regularly and once completed, the green signal LED will indicate the radio signal strength.

Reliable operation is unlikely with a low signal strength. If the GradeShift’s display shows that the signal strength is low you should improve the signal strength. This may be achieved by repositioning the aerial. The aerial lead should not be cut therefore repositioning the aerial may require that the GradeShift is also repositioned.

To aid repositioning, the optional extra CS2056 Aerial Extension lead (5m) is available. When used, it will reduce the signal by approx 10%. Therefore, the aerial must be re-positioned to improve the signal strength by at least 10% in order to provide any benefit.

For full survey and aerial siting information, see the How To Guides in Chapter 3.

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