DigiAir Pro 3 - LEDs Colour Status Guide


As the DigiAir Pro 3 powers up for the very first time it will run through its commissioning process. You will need to wait for LEDs 1, 2 & 3 to go green before the unit reboots.

No light = No power Red flashing = No comms Red flashing = No comms
Amber flashing = Power start-up Amber flashing = Single path comms (dual path systems) Amber flashing = Comms path found
Green flashing = Power on Amber solid = Commissioning server found. Contacting alarm server
Green Solid = Fully Commissioned

Once commissioned, the unit will return to its quiescent/normal state. LED 3 should be visible and LEDs 1 & 2 will be off. LED 3 will show you whether the unit has any errors or is transmitting data.

Red: Internal error (not commissioned or configuration error) – please contact Tech Support
Flashing Amber: Communication error – please press Button A for more details
Green: Device is operating normally
Flashing Green: Device is operating normally and transmitting or receiving data

From the quiescent/normal state, press button A. Only LED 1 will show.

Red flashing = No signal / SIM not ready or LAN not connected
Amber flashing = Registering / Signal is unacceptable / LAN connected but cannot transmit data
Green flashing = Signal is acceptable (3/10) but could be improved
Green solid = Signal 4/10 (or above) or LAN connected