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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – TTL

Manufacturer Texecom
Model Premier 
Version 60, 88, 168, 816
Minimum Panel Firmware V1.x V10.x
Cable required? Provided with DualCom Pro
Panel Profile Texecom Premier TTL
Panel Bus Connection TTL
Technical Notes
  • Premier range phased out
  • Note SIA string special character issue in troubleshooting section

Panel Connection Information

Manufacturer Panel Connection Cable/Plug On Supplied Cables
Texecom Premier/Elite TTL 5 Pin (cable removed) Green - RTN
Blue - TTL-R
Red - TTL-T

serial cable

Panel Programming

  • Enter “Engineer Mode”
  • In Options Menu” - “Enable Communicator” must be ticked > UDL passcode (set in the panel) must match> Dial attempts 1, ring before answer 3
  • In “ARC Menu” - “Account number” (site ID) > “SIA Level 2/3” > “Connect Via IP” – ticked > “Send SIA text” – ticked
  • In “Radio-Pad and Com Port Options Menu” - Under “Set Com Port 1” to – “WebWayOne module” > Local IP address – >Local IP Port – 50561 > Gateway – > Subnet Mask – > Name/SMG Port – 50561
  • Log out of “Engineer Mode” to establish electrical connection


  • The DualCom Pro should be connected to Com Port 1
  • If only Com Port 2 or 3 is available: Make sure the baud rate (modem speed) is set to 19200
  • If the Texecom is being programmed with a laptop on Com Port 2, the DualCom Pro is
    connected to Com Port 1 the device will be lost from the panel until the Wintex session is closed
  • Only the alarm format SIA is supported

Technical Notes

Line fault is through the serial interface, no extra settings are required in either the panel or the DigiAir/DualCom Pro. 

If certain PA restores are not coming through, please ensure that within Area Programming, option 21 (Unarmed Tamper/ Fault Comms) is turned ON.