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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – TTL

Manufacturer Eaton
Model Scantronic/Menvier
Version I-ON (100, 160, 300, 1000)
Minimum Panel Firmware MIN – V4:03
Cable required? Standard alarm cable
Panel Profile
  • Panel firmware less than or equal to v5 use scantronic-ionprev6-ttl
  • Panel firmware greater than or equal to v6 use scantronic-ionpostv6-ttl
Panel Bus Connection TTL
Technical Notes

For SIA and UDL you will require a CS.1.403
Scantronic I-ON plug on board.

If you are using a Scantronic I-ON 30 EX (pins only) you must purchase the MCM card (CS.1.402) and the appropriate panel modem (I-SD01 Digi) for alarms only in SIA. TTL is not available with this panel.

Panel Connection Information

SPT Serial Board

Panel Programming

  • To configure the panel, the DualCom Pro must be fully configured, wired to the panel and
    rebooted. This causes the panel to query all devices connected and make various menu options
    available in the keypad and in the web browser
  • Panel Communication on initial setup
  • Access the panel as an Installer
  • In the “Installer” menu navigate to the “Communications” menu > navigate to the “Contacts”
    menu > find an unused [Recipient] and rename to 'DualCom Pro'
  • Enter '0123456789' in the [Tel No 1] field > Enter '' in the [IP Address] field
  • Navigate out of “”C” > Navigate to “ARC Reporting” and set “Call Mode” to “Single”
  • Set “Telecoms Priority” to “Module: Ethernet 1”
  • In “Recipients” menu, clear out “Tel. Recipient 1” and “Tel. Recipient 2” and “IP Recipient 2”
  • Set “IP Recipient 1” with 'DualCom Pro'
  • Navigate out of “Recipients”
  • Add the account number to “Account Numbers”
  • Set “Report Type” to 'SC SIA 3'
  • In [CID/SIA Events] enable your choice of events to report
  • Set [Restorals] to 'Enabled'
  • Set [Unset Comms] to 'Enabled'
  • Navigate to [IP Network (Own)] and [Module: Ethernet]
  • Set [IP Address] to ''
  • Set [IP Subnet Mask] to ''
  • Set [Gateway Address] to ''
  • Navigate out of [IP Network (Own)]
  • Navigate to “Downloading” menu
  • In “Account” menu set [Name] and [Serial Number]
  • In [Downloading] set [Access Mode] to 'Unattended'
  • In [IP Network] set [IP Address] to '' and clear out all other IP addresses 2
  • In [Remote Servicing] set [Enable Service] to 'Enabled'
  • Exit Installer-Engineer mode