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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – TTL

Manufacturer Orisec
Model CP Range
Version CP-10 CP-20 CP-25 CP-30 W-CP-40 CP-50
CP-100 CP-200
Minimum Panel Firmware CP-10 V1.00 CP-20 V1.00 CP-25 V1.10 CP-30 V3.10 W-CP-40 V1.42 CP-50 V1.84 CP-100 V1.84 CP-200 V1.84 
Cable required? Provided with DualCom Pro
Panel Profile Orisec-CP-TTL
Panel Bus Connection TTL
Technical Notes N/A

Panel Connection Information

Manufacturer Panel Connection Cable/Plug On Supplied Cables
Orisec All TTL 4 Pin (cable provided) Green - RTN
Blue - TTL-T
Red - TTL-R

serial cable

Panel Programming

  • Enter “Engineering Mode” using the “Engineer Code”, followed by the “Manager
  • “Programming Menu” > Navigate to “ARC-Setup Menu” 17

Insert or Modify the following

  • Account = ARC Account ID
  • Protocol = SIA3 or Contact ID
  • Dial Seq = 2
  • Reported = Set triggers as required
  • Area = Set areas as required
  • IP Address = Clear value
  • IP Port = Clear value
  • Exit back to “Programming Menu”
  • Select “Com Port Setup Menu” 13

Insert or Modify the following

  • Com Port = 1
  • Mode = DualCom Pro
  • Exit “Engineering Mode”

Technical Notes

Line fault is through the serial interface, no extra settings are required in either the panel or the DigiAir/DualCom Pro