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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – Ethernet Module

Manufacturer Honeywell
Model Galaxy
Version Dimension, G3, Classic
Minimum Panel Firmware V4.5 Minimum
Cable required? Provided with DualCom Pro
Panel Profile


Panel Bus Connection RS485
Technical Notes N/A

serial cable

Panel Connection Information

Manufacturer Panel Connection Cable/Plug On Supplied Cables
Honeywell Galaxy Classic/G3 Dimension Ethernet Module Lead provided with DualCom Pro or normal alarm cable Green – RTN
Blue – RS485 B
Red – RS485 A

Connection and Power Up.

  • Place the Galaxy panel in engineer mode.
  • Connect the aerial(s) provided to the DualCom Pro.
  • Connect power to the DualCom using AUX supply from the panel.
  • Connect the DualCom Pro directly to the Galaxy’s 485 bus using the lead provided. (4pin connection for panel – 3 wires A,B,RTN(-) for Pro) Note this must be bus line 1 of the Galaxy panel.
  • The DualCom Pro will go through its power-up/registration process which will take approximately 2-3 minutes. The unit will reboot once completed. (Display will show N – C – R then reboot)
  • Once the reboot has completed go to CSL My Base and change the panel type on the device to ‘Honeywell-Galaxy-Eth-RS485’

Panel programming

  • Enter panel programming (12345 or 1234 Default code)
    • Select option 48
    • Select option 1 (system access).
    • (48.1.1) Select option 1 (Engineer).
    • Esc all the way out. 
  • Enter engineer mode (112233 or 1122 Default code)
  • Select option 56 (communication).
  • Select option 4 (Ethernet).
    • Select option 02 = Alarm Reporting.
    • ( Select option 1 = Format
    • Select option 1 = SIA
    • Select SIA level 3
    • Activate/deactivate any alarm groups you require (As default: 08 = Omit, 10 = setting, 13 electrical status are all turned OFF).
    • Esc back to 1=Format
    • Go across to option 2=Primary IP Ent
    • ( Select option 1=IP address (Set this to – press Ent
    • ( Select option 2=Port no. (set this to 50561)
    • Esc back to option 2 = primary IP
    • Go across to option 4 = Account no.
    • ( Enter the last 6 digits of the Connection ID found on M Base.
    • Esc back to 02 = Alarm Reporting
  • Go across to 03 = Remote access
    • ( Enter 1 = Access period make sure it’s set to Anytime. Esc back
    • ( Go across to 2 = Mode. Make sure it’s set to Direct Access.

Escape all the way out of engineer mode, this will then learn the DualCom on the bus line and will add 2 modules. Com Mod 4 and RKP 15

Programming complete.

Trouble shooting and testing

You can see if the unit is already learnt on the bus line by going into:

61 – diagnostics / 1=latest / 02=KEYPAD COMMS / keypad 15 = 100%
61 – Diagnostics / 1=latest / 06=COMMS MODELS / ETHERNET 100%

You can check to make sure the Dualcom had taken the Panel type:

  • Press the A button on the pro unit until R is displayed.
  • Press C. The display should read GALAXY UNKNOWN.
  • If the display reads NONE please call our Tech support.