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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – RS232

Manufacturer Honeywell
Model Galaxy
Version Dimension, G3, Classic
Minimum Panel Firmware (Min V1.4)
Cable required? Hardware from DualCom Pro to the Panel
Pro 232 R to TX of panel
Pro 232 T to RX of panel
Pro RTN to Neg of panel
Panel Bus Connection RS232
Technical Notes Please view last note regarding signalling during a UDL session

Panel Connection Information

Manufacturer Panel Connection Cable/Plug On Supplied Cables
Honeywell Galaxy G3/Dimension RS232 TX & RX Normal alarm cable RS232 T – RX
RS232 R – TX
RTN – GND (RS485)

serial cable

Panel Programming

  • “Engineer Menu” 56 > Menu 6 – Int RS232 1
  • Select “Mode” – Direct > Select “Format SIA” > Enter “SIA” (option 2) > “SIA level 3”
  • Ensure “Trigger 10” is “On” > Ensure “Trigger 18” is “On” > “Activate” any further triggers which are
  • required
  • Enter “Account Number” <_____> (Chip ID) > Select “Comms Setup” > Enter “Baud Rate” 57600
  • Enter “Data Bits” – 8 > Enter “Stop Bits” – 1 > Select “Parity” – No Parity
  • Escape to return to “Engineer Mode”
  • Exit “Engineering Mode” into “Day Mode” Galaxy Troubleshooting

Galaxy Troubleshooting

  • Menu 23: Panel Firmware Version
  • Menu 62: Full Set inside Engineering
  • Galaxy panels running version V1.4 and below cannot support SIA and are a pins only integration
  • Panel Manufacturer’s Default Codes - USER: 1234 or USER 1,2,3,4,5
  • Panel Manufacturer’s Default Codes - ENGINEER: 112233
  • Due to Panel Integration on RS232, Line Fault & Fail to Set are only available as SIA events on a
    RS485 integration
  • When using this connection method, alarms will not be delivered whilst carrying out UDL