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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – Telecoms Module RS485

Manufacturer Honeywell
Model Galaxy
Version Dimension, G3, Classic
Minimum Panel Firmware (Min V1.4)
Cable required? Provided with DualCom Pro
Panel Profile Honeywell-Galaxy-PSTN-RS485
Panel Bus Connection RS485
Technical Notes N/A

Panel Connection Information

Manufacturer Panel Connection Cable/Plug On Supplied Cables
Honeywell Galaxy G3/Dimension Telecoms module Lead provided with DualCom Pro or normal alarm cable Green – RTN
Blue – RS485 B
Red – RS485 A

serial cable

Panel Programming

  • Engineer Menu 56
  • Select External Telecoms Module (Option 5)*
  • Select Format (Option 1)
  • Enter SIA (Option 2)
  • Select SIA level 3
  • Ensure Trigger 10 is on
  • Ensure Trigger 18 is on
  • Activate any further triggers which are required
  • Select Tel No. 1 (Option 2)
  • Set Phone number (01234 567890)
  • Select Account Number (Option 3)
  • Enter Site ID <_____> (Chip Number)
  • Go to Remote Access (Option 3)
  • Select Access Period
  • Select Mode (Direct Access)
  • Escape to return to Engineering mode
  • Exit Engineering to find the Pro as a Comms module, we also emulate a
  • Keypad, typically Comms Module 004 and Keypad 015 – varies between

Galaxy Troubleshooting

  • Menu 23: Panel Firmware Version
  • Menu 62: Full Set inside Engineering
  • Galaxy panels running version V1.4 and below cannot support SIA and are a
    pins only integration
  • Panel Manufactures Default Codes - USER: 1234
  • Panel Manufactures Default Codes - ENG: 112233