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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – TTL

Manufacturer HKC
Model SecureWave
Version 1070
Minimum Panel Firmware V1, V2
Cable required? CS.1.204
Panel Bus Connection TTL
Technical Notes

See below

Panel Connection Information

Pin SPT Colour
Pin 2 R-TTL Yellow
Pin 3 TTL-T Black
Pin 4 RTN Green

Panel Programming

  • Enter “Engineer” mode
  • Make sure SP1 on the HKC panel is set up for Remote PC
  • Enter “Communications” menu
  • Communications Options Menu
  • SP1 Port Options
  • Set "Remote Access" to "Secure Access"
  • Set "Local Access"
  • Set "Printer Port"
  • Make sure SP1 baud is set to 2400
  • Data bits 8
  • Stop bit 1
  • NO PARITY (default)
  • Go to "Communications” menu
  • "Communication Service” menu
  • "Port Settings"
  • "Communications Service” menu
  • To change remote user code from default
  • Enter “Communications” menu
  • Select “Remote User” menu
  • Select “Remote User Code”
  • RO1 Remote user will be displayed, set and verify this as 1234 or as required
  • Notify CSL of the new code or set this using menu K on the DualCom Pro Communicator