Corporate Responsibility


CSL work hard and invest carefully to remain successful and sustainable for the benefit of our employees and shareholders as well as the wider community and the environment.


We are a founding partner of Apprentices for Fire & Security (A4FS), an industry initiative that aims to place apprentices into careers in the industry and help close the skills gap.

Since its conception A4FS has provided a career for over 3000 young people in the security industry including installers, engineers, technicians, customer service personnel and locksmiths. In its inaugural year A4FS caught the eye of the national press and was endorsed by The Daily Telegraph who cited the Security Sector as a “booming marketplace with bright prospects, excellent retention rates and good prospects”. The initiative captured the attention of the British Government which led to a roundtable at Westminster with Skills Minister Matthew Hancock. The stakeholders continue to work with the government and education providers to overcome the remaining barriers to employment in the security industry.

Matthew Hancock commented:

“This Government is on the side of employers that invest in the skills of their people - and we're working with businesses to ensure that the Apprenticeships programme is rigorous, responsive and delivers the high quality training which employers really value. By conducting its own campaign to deliver more Apprenticeships, the security industry is giving ambitious young people the opportunity to build rewarding careers in the sector, and laying a firm foundation for sustained growth.”

Apprentices are versatile, encompassing a range of roles and Government funding for training costs is available, together with potential e-learning options for those without a nearby college. Simon Banks, CSL’s Group Managing Director and a co–founder of A4FS commented:

“We are extremely proud of our continuing support in developing the next generation of professionals for the broader security industry through the A4FS Initiative. Our investment runs alongside our own training, graduate and intern programmes and not only underlines our commitment to the sector but also to ensuring continuity of high quality staff in our own company.”


Diversity and inclusion is central to our working culture. We believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to be able to work with us and advance their careers in our company. As a relatively young company we were able to recognize from the outset that employing a diverse range of people is beneficial to the customers we serve and delivers real social and economic value to our business.


At CSL we recognise that today more than ever, we must all work together to look after the environment. We are committed to taking active steps to reduce the use of consumable natural resources and minimise any potential negative environmental impact from our business activities and products.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with environmental legislations including RoHS and WEEE directives. All products are designed to minimise waste, operate at a low level of power consumption and offer remote access capabilities to reducing the carbon footprint of ourselves and our customers. To download a copy of our WEEE take back statement click here.

Our employees are encouraged to be aware of their own environmental impact at work and given advice on how they can make a difference. From recycling to switching off equipment and lighting, everyone has a role to play. As a business we understand that face to face meetings are important but also recognise that utilising teleconferencing and other remote communication methods can reduce our carbon foot print.


CSL are committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner - promoting reduction, reuse and recycling. We adhere to reducing the amount of packaging waste that goes to landfill and increasing the amount of packaging waste that is recycled and recovered.

In terms of our products, we are proud to say that the box each product comes in is made with recyclable cardboard. In addition to this, we repair and refurbish returns where possible which are then used as replacements on request.

We are also making a conscious effort in reducing our waste and material consumption within our offices across the UK. We have invested in recycling bins for cardboard and plastic. We often look to see if unwanted items can be reused rather than disposed of, including such things as unwanted office furniture. Furthermore, we are proud to say that all our IT hardware is disposed via a certified recycling company.

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