Flipdish approached CSL as they needed a connectivity solution for delivering orders from their app to their partner restaurants.


To suit the requirements of Flipdish, CSL recommended their WorldSIM. WorldSIM can be used across Ireland as it will roam to all mobile networks, providing complete peace of mind for the user. WorldSIM allowed Flipdish to use one solution for all its services – no matter which network was available in that area. For Flipdish this was ideal, as they were quickly expanding in Ireland and needed a rapidly deployable solution. Furthermore, Flipdish wanted the ability to grow into other territories. Thanks to CSL, they were able to continue to use the same SIM for all these new territories – as well as others in the future – avoiding the need to seek new partners and technologies for each of these regions. This has allowed Flipdish to expand into Canada – where they are still using the same SIM from CSL.


To ensure this rollout was effective Flipdish first completed a free trial alongside CSL to ensure the solution delivered exactly what was required. This trial was a success and Flipdish were then ready to begin the rollout process. CSL were also able to notify Flipdish of their data usage and aggregate these costs across their entire base, thus enabling the SIM costs to be the same for all of their partner restaurants. Once again this helped with rapid deployment so that Flipdish didn’t have to cost up each individual restaurant based on their usage.


By choosing CSL as their Connectivity partner, Flipdish reduced the risk of missing orders. A strong partnership has been established and Flipdish are looking forward to continuing to work closely with CSL as they expand into new areas, and remaining at the forefront of the latest technologies and services.

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