Durham County Council


It was becoming increasingly apparent that many people in the community did not have a telephone line at home and where no suitable fixed telephone line is available, Telecare Service Providers were faced with a difficult decision. The first option was for the Telecare Service Provider to fund the installation, rental and call costs of a dedicated fixed BT telephone line. In these cases the service obligation for Telecare is met but the costs are well over £200/annum on top of the cost to provide the service. The second and equally unfavourable option was to refuse the offer of a Telecare service until the end user arranged a dedicated telephone line. This meant that we had difficulties offering care services to these individuals. Durham County Council looked for a wireless Telecare solution with the robust reliability of a traditional ‘land line’ but had concerns regarding mobile signal strength and the uncertainly of call costs.  



Durham researched different providers and consulted with the equipment manufacturer Tunstall. The answer was the WorldSIM from CSL, a fixed cost, true roaming SIM which would roam to the strongest signal available on any UK mobile network. 



Tunstall recommended CSL’s WorldSIM with its Lifeline GSM solution. Durham now has over 250 units deployed in customers’ homes, each with a WorldSIM. The Lifeline GSM units have performed extremely well and as WorldSIM's mobile costs are fixed users know exactly how much to budget. Supported Housing Manager, Linda Ogilvie commented: “It has been that successful we are trying to raise further interest for the use of GSM particularly for all our Telecare services users”. 


For more information please contact: sales@csldual.com

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