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One of the services CSL provide is a ‘Better your Base’ programme, where an Installer’s existing signalling base is reviewed and a cost-effective swap-out plan is suggested. Barry Bros took up this opportunity as they were looking to move away from the alternative signalling provider they were using at the time.


The DualCom GradeShift range and DigiAir were chosen by Barry Bros to replace an alternative signalling provider as they provided some key benefits and features. Barry Bros work with a variety of sites that have different requirements and as a result, needed a solution that could support this. The CSL Security range does just that – with solutions for every grade of risk. DualCom GradeShift offers a single piece of hardware for every grade of risk with interchangeable EN Grades and utilise all mobile networks via CSL’s WorldSIM to signal an alarm; designed with the lowest to highest risk premises in mind. DigiAir utilises all mobile networks via WorldSIM instead of a telephone line to signal an alarm from the protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). It is designed for low to medium risk premises and is an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators as it eliminates call costs and phone charges. The connection to both products is also protected by the Gemini Platform, a Critical Connectivity platform responsible for the integrity of close to 1 million premises throughout Europe.


Both parties worked closely together to ensure a smooth rollout process and Barry Bros are now steadily installing new dual path connections each month. To support Barry Bros whilst carrying out their rollout, CSL provided additional services as standard including: training from CSL Field Engineers, access to CSL’s Technical Support out of hour’s number for responsive customer service and logins were provided to CSL’s handy web portal Gemini Insight to manage their signalling estate. CSL’s Regional Sales Representative was also on hand to provide continuous support throughout.


By bettering their base and future proofing their signalling estate, Barry Bros were able to take advantage of CSL's full support package. A great partnership has been formed and Barry Bros are looking forward to continuing to working closely with CSL whilst remaining at the forefront of the latest technologies and services. 


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