AFA Fire & Security Ltd

"Three years ago, we initiated an upgrade of our old single path communication systems with another provider for their newer dual path communication signalling products. We also used these products for our new installations. Initially, we encountered very few issues however after a short period we started to experience numerous line faults on a daily basis which became a major concern not only for ourselves, but also for our customers.

We had never previously used any products from CSL however due to the issues we were encountering; we contacted CSL who introduced us to their DualCom GradeShift range of products with WorldSIM. We took the decision to trial a Grade 4 DualCom in an extremely remote area with very little radio coverage which was one of the sites we had major issues with. The DualCom G4 with WorldSIM performed exceptionally well and as a result of this trial we felt confident with the reliability and the performance of the product. We have since undertaken a complete upgrade of our older dual path signalling products to the DualCom GradeShift range with WorldSIM. Our older dual path signalling devices are continuing to cause us major concerns, yet to this day we have never had a signal failure from the DualCom GradeShift and we are therefore delighted with the performance and service that we have received. CSL are always available to assist us when we need them and we would strongly recommend installers to consider using this highly reliable product."


Owner: Dave McKay


For more information please contact:

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