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Date of Outage: 31st January 2019

Latest update: 16:45 – RESOLUTION


Tele2 have confirmed the issue is now resolved and CSL have seen service fully restore on our entire base. These restores are being seen on DigiAir, MiniAir, CSL Connected, Emizon TCD, WebWay devices and CSL SIMs. CSL will continue to monitor all devices closely over the next 24 hours to ensure no further issues. CSL and Tele2 senior management are discussing the causes of this outage and we will provide you with the outcomes of this as soon as possible.


Tele2 have confirmed that their engineers have made good progress in resolving the issue and CSL are seeing restoral of service on a majority of our base. These restores are being seen on DigiAir, MiniAir, CSL Connected, Emizon TCD, WebWay devices and CSL SIMs. A minority of units remain in Radio Fail and CSL will continue to monitor the progress of these units over the next few hours before providing another update.


Tele2 have been working to restore service step by step and in the past 1 hour we have seen signalling services restore on Emizon TCD units. We will keep you updated on any further activity.


Please see latest statement from Tele2 below:


We need to let you know:        

A priority 1 issue at Tele2 (starting around 2am this morning) has caused a loss of service globally for voice and data services. Tele2 are attempting to restore service.

How is this impacting you?

This issue is impacting the following devices:

  • DigiAir
  • MiniAir
  • CSL Connected
  • Emizon TCD
  • WebWay devices
  • CSL SIMs

The signalling path on these devices is being impacted by this outage. New installs will also be impacted during this time.

What are CSL doing about this?

Our Network Teams across the CSL Group have escalated this to senior management at Tele2 and this is now being dealt with at the highest priority. CSL are also doing everything we can to support Tele2 in restoring their service, remaining in regular contact with their teams and will keep you updated throughout today.  

We will continue to update this page throughout today with any latest information. 

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