First Build Security

First Build Security specialise in CCTV solutions for Construction and Infrastructure Projects across the UK and Europe, via their Rapid Deployment Towers. These Towers enable CCTV and/or detection systems to be deployed quickly and efficiently.

The towers transfer large amounts of sensitive data, so First Build needed a solution that would protect the data and eliminate over usage charges.  

Previously, First Build were purchasing a separate SIM and Router to handle these requirements. However, this did not provide the efficiency, reliability or security they wanted. CSL Router was chosen for its ability to send large amounts of data across an Encrypted Private Network.

With CSL Router in place, First Build can ensure a private connection between their CCTV systems and the intended destination for this information, whether it be an end-user App or an ARC. Not only this, but CSL Router comes pre-configured with both the Router hardware and the appropriate 4G SIM bundle, further improving efficiency and costs

First Build now have over 80 active devices installed, distributing vital data from their Rapid Deployment Towers to end-users and ARCs.

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