A professional solution for every risk

Our simple and reliable DualCom alarm signalling products are powered by the Gemini Global platform which enables the safe delivery of alarms and data from the premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

The CSL Alarm Signalling portfolio has been designed to provide a range of cost-effective solutions for the Fire, Security and Telecare sectors. Our single and dual path systems embrace all available signalling technologies and a multi-network WorldSIM is included as standard for increased reliability. Our connectivity can also be combined with leading alarm panels which provides the added option of a Smartphone App to control the alarm. 

The professional Installer's choice

In the Fire and Security sectors DualCom is the fastest selling and most used signalling system chosen by over 80% of inspectorate recognised Installers. We work closely with every accreditation body and trade association in the Fire, Security and Telecare sectors to ensure standards remain high.

Fire, Security and Telecare products

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