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CSL - CSL Router - Condiciones del Servicio

© 2018 All Rights Reserved CSL Dualcom Limited June 2018


The provisions of this Service Description form part of the Agreement comprising the Conditions for CSL Router Services and the Order Form.


Capitalised terms in this Service Description shall have the same meanings as in the Conditions for CSL Router Services and in addition the following terms shall mean:-


means internet protocol a suite of open architecture protocols that allow data communication over disparate networks;


means the service described in paragraph 3.1;

Customer Device

means the Customer equipment to which
remote IP communication is required, such
as without limitation a Digital Video Recorder
(DVR) or Access Control System.

SIM Card

means the Subscriber Identity Module containing data (including the Customer’s identity) which has been supplied to the Customer by CSL;

Cellular means mobile data communications technology provided over 2G, 3G or 4G networks; 
Wired Path means a copper wire telecommunication connection between an End User’s premises and the local telephone exchange, over which broadband type services may be running;


General Description

3.1 The CSL Router provides remote access and secure end to end IP connectivity between the Customer Device and the associated Customer’s access mechanism (the “Service”). The Service utilises Cellular network technology as its primary path for IP communication or alternatively as a backup path to a customer’s existing Wired Path connectivity.

3.2 The Service includes the supply by CSL of a pre-configured Cellular gateway (CSL Router) in accordance with the Conditions for CSL Router Services for each connection to the Service to the address specified by the Customer.

3.3 The Service may include the supply by CSL of secure User credentials for use with supported VPN Client software. The VPN Client software will allow secure remote IP connectivity via the CSL Router to the permitted Customer Device.

3.4 The Service may include the provision of remote connectivity between an approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and the permitted Customer Device.

3.5 The Customer expressly acknowledges that neither CSL nor the Communication Provider has any liability for poor or fluctuating wireless signal strength or for temporary or permanent interference with the wireless signal at an End User’s premises irrespective of any information published by the Communication Provider.

Standard Mode

3.6 The wireless element of the Service provides the primary and only route for the secure exchange of IP packets over the supported Cellular packet switched data networks.

Backup Mode

3.7 The wireless element of the Service provides a secondary route for the secure exchange of IP packets over the Network. The secondary route will only become active if IP packets cannot be exchanged over the Customer’s existing Wired Path primary route.

3.8 It is the Customer’s responsibility to detect the reason for their primary Wired Path route failure and establish corrective action.


4.1 CSL will provide a technical support desk to the Customer which is available 8:30am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

4.2 If the Customer reports a fault in the Service CSL will respond by:

(a) providing advice by telephone, including advice where appropriate, as to tests and checks to be carried out by the Customer;

(b) where possible, carrying out diagnostic checks from CSL premises; and

(c) wireless connectivity testing.

4.3 The Service does not include:

(a) the provision or repair or maintenance of Customer Devices;

(b) the provision or repair or maintenance of wireless signal coverage to the Customer or End User; or

(c) on-site installation, repair or maintenance of the CSL Router;


CSL Responsibilities

5.1 CSL will provide the Customer (or its subcontractor if applicable) with such instruction, advice and guidance in the use and operation of the Service and the installation and commissioning of the CSL Router as CSL deems reasonable. Customer Responsibilities

5.2 The Customer either itself or acting through its subcontractor (if applicable) will:-

a) be responsible for any work required to install and commission the CSL Router and provide a suitable location at the site;

b) install and maintain in good working order the CSL Router including the SIM Card in accordance with any instructions provided by CSL or the Communication Provider; and

c) will carry out signal strength surveys and take due account of the wireless signal strength available at an End User’s premises prior to ordering the Service and take appropriate measures when positioning aerials to ensure the correct operation of the wireless element of the Service. Obtaining suitable signal strength may require the use of extension cabling and/or higher gain aerials.


6.1 CSL reserves the right to charge the Customer for any use of the Services above any allowances in any fair use policy or data allowances.



7.1 CSL guarantees the CSL Router whilst connected to the Service (“Guarantee Period”).

7.2 If the Customer reports a fault during the Guarantee Period and the fault is due to faulty design, manufacture, materials or CSL’s negligence, CSL will replace or (at its option) repair the CSL Router provided that:

(a) the CSL Router has been properly kept and maintained, and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s or CSL’s instructions and has not been modified except with CSL’s written agreement; and

(b) the fault is not due to damage (including lightning and electrical damage) or the actions of anyone other than CSL;

7.3 The Customer must report the fault to CSL’s technical support desk and return the faulty CSL Router, to the address advised by CSL to the Customer within five Business Days of the fault being reported to CSL.

7.4 If CSL decides to replace the CSL Router an appropriate replacement will be despatched to the Customer within two Business Days of the report of the fault.

7.5 This guarantee does not cover fair wear and tear.

7.6 CSL may levy a surcharge of a sum not exceeding the value of the replacement CSL Router if the faulty CSL Router is not returned to CSL within five Business Days of the fault being reported to CSL by the Customer or if no fault is found in the returned CSL Router or the fault is not subject to this guarantee, or the guarantee period for the CSL Router has expired.